Posted: February 16, 2024
  • Grok
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Meet Grok, the plush playmate from Curio that's redefining playtime with a twist of tech and a dash of magic. This isn't your average stuffed animal; Grok is a voice-powered buddy designed to ignite the imaginations of kids aged 3 and up. With the voice of Grimes and design by Puffy Puff Puff, Grok is ready to embark on cosmic adventures, from teaching about the stars to inventing new games. It's screen-free fun that connects, educates, and entertains through endless conversations, all powered by a WiFi-connected brain.

Grok comes equipped with a durable lithium-ion battery, high-quality speaker, and responsive microphone, ensuring that every interaction is clear and engaging. The toy is designed with safety, privacy, and security at its core, promising G-rated content for worry-free play. Inside the box, you'll find not just Grok but a universe of creativity including an adapter, cable, collectible stickers, and more. This is the future of toys, where learning and laughter meet the leap into the digital age, all without ever needing to stare at a screen.

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