Jumbl Puzzle Board Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Posted: November 06, 2020
Jumbl Puzzle Board Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table
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What, you can't finish that 1,500-piece jigsaw puzzle of a color gradient in one sitting? Sigh. Why'd you open it then? Now it's going to be cluttering up the dining room table for the next 3 weeks! Shoulda bought the Jumble Puzzle Board before the puzzle.

From Clemens Habicht's to Pure White Hell, this wooden jigsaw puzzle table from Jumbl creates a spacious, portable, and storable surface for completing your puzzles. Or, more importantly, not completing them. With 6 magnet-latched side drawers, the Jumbl Puzzle Board provides an easy way to clean up and hide away unused pieces between puzzle sessions. The 26" x 34" wooden board the drawers tuck into is also made to slip under the couch or bed to free up table space for between-puzzle activities, such as eating, working, and foot resting.

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