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Posted: June 14, 2016
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Elliot Tebele, overlord of the famed Instagram account Fuckjerry, has made a pretty natural transition with What Do You Meme? His images and commentary translate seamlessly from work day slacking reading material on the internet to game night good times on the dining room table. Still, it's hard to look at What Do You Meme? and not think, "Oh. Cards Against Humanity with pictures."

Not that there's anything wrong with that*.

Because What Do You Meme? pretty much is Cards Against Humanity with pictures, along with a few minor rule tweaks. Players draw 7 Caption Cards instead of 10 White Cards. The Judge is called the Jerry, and s/he draws a Photo Card instead of a Black Card. And the Jerry who kicks of the game is selected based on the player with the most Instagram followers. Way less interesting than the one who took the last dump.

But what its rules lack in bathroom humor, What Do You Meme?'s overall effect makes up for in the whole picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words component of impact and entertainment. The Main Deck will come with 40 meme-ready Photo Cards and 225 potential Caption Cards. An optional BeigeCardigan deck will include another 15 Photo and 50 Caption Cards. In case you aren't familiar with Cards Against Humanity (or Apples to Apples) play, What Do You Meme? rounds unfold as follows:

  • Each player draws 7 caption cards.
  • The Jerry draws 1 Photo Card and places it face up for everyone else to see.
  • The rest of the players choose the one of their 7 caption cards they think best completes the meme or, more appropriately, the one they think the Jerry will go for.
  • The Jerry selects his / her favorite caption and that player wins the round and gets a point.
  • The player to the Jerry's left becomes the next Jerry.

To gauge interest, Tebele has launched What Do You Meme? as a Kickstarter campaign. It reached its funding goal in a few hours. Pledge for your Main Deck or Main Deck & BeigeCardigan combo through July 19, 2016. Anticipated ship date is October 2016.

*I come up with my best material watching Seinfeld too, Elliot.

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