What Do I Do? Social Awareness Flash Cards

Posted: April 26, 2018
What Do I Do? Social Awareness Flash Cards
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Yeah, yeah, these What Do I Do? flash cards are meant to help kids improve their social awareness and conversation techniques. But the box says they're for ages 5 and up, and given the comments and interpersonal communication skills I keep seeing on social media and Reddit, I'd like to focus on the and up part of that designation.

Almost every Reddit thread I read contains comments about social anxiety and awkwardness, the horror of making small talk, or interacting with a stranger in any way. I feel like this inability to use words and read emotional cues leads to a complete breakdown of basic human camaraderie, and even common courtesy.

Holding the door for the person behind you, for example. People do it for me about 50% of the time. But what bugs me more is when I hold the door for the dude of lady coming in after me, and they don't even look up from their phone or - Grrrrr! - reach out and take the door. They just walk on through, leaving me to either play door servant and contort my arm at odd angles, or let the door go so it hits them, thereby becoming just as large of a socially unaware dick as they are.

So anyway, I think we can all benefit from some time with a set of What Do I Do? Flash Cards. The box comes with 48 of them, each with a social scenario on one side, and guidance on navigating it on the other. What a great tool to bring out as a team meeting warmup, or ice breaker to the next role playing board game meetup!

And an equally great novelty gift for anyone you know who could use some EQ training.

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