Watermelon Ball Swimming Pool Game

Posted: May 26, 2016
Watermelon Ball Swimming Pool Game
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What we have here is a Watermelon Ball, star of the beloved pool game Watermelon Ball. Made with a durable vinyl membrane, it fills with water such that it looks, feels, and floats like a watermelon, thereby enabling a higher intensity and caliber of play than Watermelon Ball played with an actual watermelon. Which leaves only one question:

What the juicy pink-fleshed fruit is Watermelon Ball?

According to the people who make fake watermelons to sub in for the real ones, Watermelon Ball is a "popular water game played in pools, lakes, and ponds all over the country." Hmmm, that explains it...not at all. But from the looks of the photos in my image gallery, Watermelon Ball is probably like rugby. If rugby were played underwater. And with a watermelon.

They say the hose-filled watermelon makes for a better ball than the flesh-filled one because it can be dribbled like a basketball and passed up to 10' underwater as teams try to score goals. Admittedly, that sounds sort of cool. The Watermelon Ball can also serve as a swimming pool exercise ball, which reminds me of the swarm of 70-year-olds who hog my community pool every morning at 7 a.m. for their AquaRobics classes, which might bother me a lot less if they were all doggie paddling to Motown while carrying around prop replica watermelons.

The Watermelon Ball must be filled with water and air to function properly, and comes with needles for doing both.

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