Truck Tailgate Beer Pong Table

Posted: March 04, 2016
Truck Tailgate Beer Pong Table
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They say Penda C86-TPX Tailgate Pong is the second best thing you can do when you park your truck.

Hehheh, hehheh.

Tailgate Beer Pong redefines the tailgate party, bringing the celebration not just to parking lots before the big game, but anywhere you have a Ford F150 truck tailgate. Penda C86-TPX Tailgate Pong affixes to the bed doors of all F150s year 2004 and later, installing in less than 10 minutes as a replacement for other formed tailgates or over most spray-on coatings. The game is made of heavy duty HDPE so it still performs like a "truck part" when you're not playing beer pong.

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