Super Sculpey Sculpturing Compound

Posted: January 07, 2014
Super Sculpey Sculpturing Compound
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As you can see, Super Sculpey sculpturing compound can sculpt some pretty super sculptures. The mutant dentist's nightmare in the photo above comes courtesy of Chris Maxwell via ConceptArt. Additionally, a simple online image search returns a hoarder's house full of intricate and impressive creations artists have crafted using Sculpey polymer clay. Plus a bunch of unskilled, unidentifiable blobs of crap someone's kid made.

This Super version molds stiff enough to hold shape, and then bakes to a ceramic-like finish. The featured box's beige color is semi-translucent. Sculpey clays also come in other colors, such as gray and white, and with variable textures, such as more firm or soft. Just like human beings. Sculpey Bruce Lee says baked sculptures enjoy having hair color and pants painted onto them.

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