Splickety Lit Board Game

Posted: February 28, 2017
Splickety Lit Board Game
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Splickety Lit. No, sorry, not a new strain of marijuana. But given their popularity these days, maybe almost as good: Splickety Lit is a brain-bending, tongue-twisting, party-ready board game.

Gameplay consists of posing and answering trivia questions. Like, "What is the only US state that borders Maine?" and "What apparatus at the end of the swimming pool causes many to chicken out?" Pretty easy, yeah? New Hampshire and the high dive. But, behind Splickety Lit's name lies the real intellectual test (and the fun) of the game: all questions and answers are posed and must be responded to in spoonerisms, the practice of flipping two words' beginning sounds or letters. So let's try again.

Q: What is the only US State that morders Baine? A: Hew Nampshire. Q: What apparatus at the end of a pimming swool causes many to icken chout? A: Digh Hive.

Splickety Lit divides players into 2 teams that face off in battle and try to answer questions as quickly as possible during various dice rolls. Each round's winner moves forward a designed number of spaces on the circular board, with the winning team going the full 360 the fastest.

A complement to nunken drights with friends, and a purveyor of a wholesome good time with the kids, Splickety Lit also engages and helps strengthen various linguistic regions of the brain, including speech production and comprehension areas, and memory centers.

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