Murdle - 100 Original Murder Mystery Logic Puzzles

Posted: December 21, 2023
Murdle - 100 Original Murder Mystery Logic Puzzles
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It's Murdle! Like your great aunt, but spelled a little different, and way more entertaining. Filled with 100 original murder mystery logic puzzles, you could spend hours with this Murdle without getting bored, wherein the great aunt version probably has around a 5-minute cap.

GT Karber created Murdle as an online daily mystery puzzle, and these collections - Volume 1 is shown above, and there are 3 total - bring the same whimsical crimes to print. Players will examine clues, interview witnesses, and flex their noodles real hard to fill in a grid that lays out whodunit, how, where, and why.

As an Easter Egg, once you solve all 100 Murdle murder mysteries, you'll gain access to a grand finale secret, and an encrypted message you'll have the tools to decrypt only when you've proven your sleuthing skills.

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