Mini Beer Pong Table

Posted: February 12, 2016
Mini Beer Pong Table

Mini Beer Pong says with their slotted and tethered tabletop set you'll never chase another beer pong ball again. Never chase another beer pong ball again? Isn't half the fun of playing beer pong running, crawling, and contorting around the room trying to trap runaway plastic misses? I especially love when the ball rolls under a table or behind a cabinet and I crack my head on a sharp edge while I'm retrieving it.

No wait...that part sucks. Authenticity and red cups be damned, I'd much rather scale down my beer pong play and trade the bounce-and-chase for a finger-catapult launch of balls that don't try to escape me (i.e., my 6-beers-in hand-eye coordination).

Mini Beer Pong tables are very nice looking for beer pong tables. They're made of wood and handcrafted in Minnesota. At just 2' long tables are both portable and easily set up in small spaces, such as apartments, dorm rooms, and tailgates. The game plays with 1-ounce cups, which have their own "holsters" at either end of the MBT to help prevent them, and their contents, from wandering off too.

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