Leonardo DaVinci Ornithopter Wood Kit

Posted: February 21, 2016
Leonardo DaVinci Ornithopter Wood Kit
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Ornithos means bird and pteron means wing in Greek. So an ornithopter is a bird with...uh...wings. Sort of. It's a machine that flies by flapping its wings like a bird. Or rather, by a human flapping its wings like a bird for it.

This ornithopter was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Because, of course it was. That dude made everything from the Renaissance. I bet he's the reason the word Renaissance even exists. Can you imagine what kind of insane gadgets and inventions da Vinci would have come up with if he'd had access to the tech and resources we do today?

Think about it while you assemble his replica Ornithopter Wood Kit if you want. The parts build into a human-powered flying machine with bevel gears, flapping wings, and a pilot with moving legs and arms. The kit is suitable for beginner model makers and includes all necessary pieces pre-cut and ready to assemble. Glue is included as well.

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