JABII Bluetooth-Connected Boxing Game

Posted: September 01, 2019
JABII Bluetooth-Connected Boxing Game
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Like Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots? Don't just play them, become one with JABII. JABII is an interactive boxing boxing game combining elements of real-life fighting - via the soft 'n' safe JABII extendable arm - with the digital world of sensors, avatars, and stat tracking.

JABII is all about IRL duels, so you'll need at least 2 JABII arms to set up a match (i.e., there are no options to stand in front of a TV screen and battle a computer opponent.) The JABII arm consists of a soft rubber front and 42 built-in spring coiling for jabbing and POW!-ing. The coils help strengthen strikes, plus adjust the force upon impact and reduce the effect of gravity for any player's strength and body size, keeping battles (relatively) safe for everyone, and more about skill and technique than pure power.

Behind the JABII fist and arm are a series of sensors, plus Bluetooth and software technology, that pair with the augmented reality JABII app to track moves, award points, and adjust players' health ratings to determine knockouts. Within the app you can also customize your avatar, change combat settings, track stats, and record matches real-time.

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