Beer Darts

Posted: June 03, 2023
Beer Darts
$45 - $58
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Despite the implied safety hazards, we've been drinking beer and playing darts for, what, centuries? So why not create an even closer connection between the two? Beer Darts is a drinking game wherein players throw their darts at cans of beer instead of boards of cork, and rather than scoring points when one sticks, they score an opportunity to make their opponents drink. The entire beer, if the dart lands inside the can's open tab, and until the beer stops leaking if the thrower punctures it in the side. The loser is the player who finishes their beer first.

Beer Darts comes with two can stands, which can adjust to hold seltzer too, White Claw and hard kombucha fans, and a pair of darts. The darts store magnetically inside the stands, which also attach together to make the game portable, and poke-free during carry.

While Beer Darts encourages players to make up their own rules and methods of play, the basic recommended setup is to place the stands 10 feet apart, set cans in each of their holders, and secure a piece of cardboard in the backboard clip to catch or deflect the misses.

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