Ballcraps - The Football Craps Table

Posted: January 22, 2012
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With the advent of the Madden Football video games and fantasy football everyone thinks they know everything about football, regardless of if they've ever actually played the game or not. Now, you have a chance to put your money where your mouth is. The aptly, if not unfortunately, named Ballcraps is a felt screen-printed double sided game board fashioned in the general layout of a craps table, and designed to fit right on top of your coffee table. Set comes complete with 140 high-quality betting chips, 70 distinctive light plastic chips to indicate the odds, and a clear plastic carrying case.

This could turn any football game into a windfall of cash... or a fistfight. What an upgrade to the crappy square game and a great idea for a Super Bowl party.

The basic rules:

  1. Every betting chip is equal; the colors are used to distinguish which player made the bet. As bets are won and lost, trade chips to consolidate your color.
  2. Odds are determined by the players
  3. A bet doesn't count unless another player accepts it

How to bet:

  1. Put your chips, up to the amount you want to wager, on top of event you're betting on.
  2. Put an odds indicator on top of the betting chips -- flip the odds indicator to the stripe to bet against the event.
  3. Another person matches your bet.
  4. When the event happens, the bet is paid to the winner.

Complete rules for Ballcraps

The product is on sale from Etsy, but more detailed information can be found at their website Ballcraps.com.

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