Anki DRIVE - Real World Video Game

Posted: October 19, 2013
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Artificial intelligence and robotics, the virtual reality video game and the actual reality physical game, Anki and iOS: these are the parts of Anki DRIVE that make it a whole new experience in the gaming industry. A simple car racing game in fundamental nature, Anki DRIVE aims to transport the best elements of on-screen speed competitions to a tangible track with tangible cars laid out on your living room floor.

The game's iOS interface connects competitors--up to 4 friends with designated cars, or a lone soul racing 1 to 3 cars controlled by the Anki DRIVE's nifty AI component--for its main contest, Battle, during which players race to win per standoff, as well as to earn cumulative points for their car. Points are redeemable for upgrades in car weapons and capabilities. Upgrades determined and transmitted virtually, but used and felt in real life. (Check out the second video above for further Battle explanation and a demo.)

Cars themselves were designed by Harald Belker, a Hollywood automotive artist most legendary for envisioning the 1996 Batmobile. Along with the system's 3-1/2' x 8-1/2' track, chargers, and tire cleaner, an Anki DRIVE Starter Kit includes 2 race cars, the BOSON and the KOURAI. BOSON is equipped with speed, handling, and smarts, and has a Gravity Beam upgrade that forces opponents into its line of fire. KOURAI arms itself with a speed-weapons combo, with a shield upgrade that will make it impenetrable to other cars' weapons attacks. Supplemental cars RHO and KATAL will be available for purchase separately.

Additional Anki DRIVE playing requirements: an iPhone 4s or newer, an iPod Touch 5th generation or newer, an iPad 3 or newer, or and iPad Mini; and the Anki DRIVE app.

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