3D Clue

Posted: October 23, 2013
3D Clue
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Professor Plum in the dining room with the...3D glasses, suckah! Iconic board game Clue has followed Hollywood feature films into the 3rd dimension with its own 3D addition to your family fun nights. No glasses required here, though, just a table strong enough to support what looks to be a 300-pound glimpse into the death-dealing mansion.

OK, 12 pounds. 12 pounds of wooden cabinetry and 9 rooms of gold-painted resin furniture topped with tempered glass. Playing pieces are die-cast metal and wood, and weapons all metal. Huh. That sure sounds a helluva lot nicer than cardboard and plastic. I'm liking this 3D edition of Clue. Any chance I can get a Miss Scarlet made of flesh and bones?

So I just Wikipedia-ed Clue and saw that in its original, English form it is called Cluedo. How did I not know this?! Aside from the fact that I am an ignorant American?! But also, what the stray lardon of bacon in a vegetarian's omelet is a Cluedo? Hold on...let me switch tabs...ah, right. It's snazzy portmanteau of "clue" and "ludo", which means "I play" in Latin. Those Brits...always with their dapper thinking caps on....

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