FlipBooKit Maker Kit - DIY Hand-Cranked Movie

Posted: December 07, 2018
FlipBooKit Maker Kit - DIY Hand-Cranked Movie
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FlipBookit began as a low-tech DIY gadget whose stark contrast to all the hi-tech amateur image / video devices and software available only made it more charming. The company ran a crowdfunding campaign several years ago, and its success has led to a full-blown flippin' business that's still thriving, and making new FlipBookit releases.

The FlipBookit Maker Kit has advanced a few steps from the FlipBookit I saw in 2013, with this one allowing crafty boys and girls to turn their own videos or images into a custom, hand-cranked movie machine.

The kit comes with an easily assembled spindle module, labels, and a free online flip-maker tool you can use to upload and segment a video or set of images into a 24-frame animation. Your DIY analog GIF. Complete instructions for building the flipper and arranging your flip cards are also included. The FlipBookit Maker Kit sounds ripe for the giving if you're looking for a gift for your girlfriend, or maybe if you're up for making a gift for your mom this year.

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