TRON: Legacy Siren Gem Bodysuit

Posted: January 23, 2012
TRON: Legacy Reflective Bodysuit
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Sadly, this bodysuit covers more skin than the TRON corset, but since it's made out of stretch fabric instead of 12-gauge plastic, it does allow for increased mobility during re-enactments of the movie's action sequences, and, more importantly, is much easier to put on, and, more importantly, is much easier to take off. The fluorescent glow comes from high-gloss PVC reflective tape, so the suit doesn't beam naturally, but rather when hit with bright lights, like camera flashes and disco balls. It was designed for a gargantuan woman of nearly 6 feet in height, and the pattern for replication is apparently more complex and difficult to follow than a conversation between Yoda and the Sphinx, so the custom creation can be made to order only for ladies 5'6" to 6'0". If the girl who has agreed to fulfill your boyhood-into-manhood fantasy lives in the LA area, the seamstress further suggests an in-person fitting, or else the costume may not "be perfectly fit such as in the crotch area region."

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