Scorpion Fantasy Knife

Posted: September 02, 2019
Scorpion Fantasy Knife

Who gets slashed worse in the presence of the Scorpion Fantasy Knife, the person on the receiving end of its 12 stainless steel blades, or the person wielding them? I classified this stabber & stinger as a cosplay piece, but I really don't think it's suitable for any sort of play. Or handling whatsoever. Using the Scorpion Fantasy Knife should probably remain a part of your fantasies; IRL this is a display piece only.

It even comes with a wood stand to show it off.

The Scorpion Fantasy Knife measures 15" overall, with its largest blade extending 5.5". The arachnid's all-metal body is shown here in gold, but it also comes in a silver finish.

Those feeling the less deadly scorpion vibes might prefer this sick Scorpion Chair to the Scorpion Fantasy Knife. The only place it will cut, stab, sting, and wound you is your wallet.

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