DIY Modular Lightsabers

Posted: June 14, 2015
$150 - $350
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You've seen Saber Forge's custom made lightsabers around here before. But now the company is taking to Kickstarter to give you the opportunity to do the custom making yourself. Their Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) are an intuitive modular system of lightsaber building blocks that allow anyone to build a movie quality piece to their own specifications. Fancy machines, soldering equipment, or even really knowing what the hell you're doing not required.

The initial ASP release will include 100+ unique metal pieces in a trio of finishes. If you've ever done probability problems in math class, you know this equates to millions of different possible design configurations. Saber Forge also plans to develop new expansion sets every month for even more variety and customization.

Lightsaber kits are available at pledge levels with and without LED blades and/or sound effects. Those choosing one of the upgraded options will receive a "plug and play" version that bypasses solder electronics kits to create a dueling saber with a glowing blade, or a fully functional hero level prop with lights, motion detection, and sound. All basic ASP packages will include the buyer's choice of emitter, pommel, body, and switch section.

Saber Forge's Adaptive Saber Parts campaign seeks funding through July 11, 2015.

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