Cyber Armor

Posted: October 01, 2013
Cyber Armor
$175 - $695
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Buckle up, boys, it's October 1. The onslaught of sexy Halloween costumes is revving its 400-asspower engine. Segue into the spectacle with a looksee at Spanish designer Boyd Baten's cyber armor. No, wait, I mean Boyd Baten's sexy cyber armor.

Pieces ranging from corsets and gauntlets to a wicked mohawk warrior headpiece and an arm spine are each sold separately, and carry prices commensurate with the amount of time and detail Baten puts into hand sewing and shaping the futuristic PVC creations.

Ladies planning to rock Halloween as 25th-century vanquishers of evil...or Lady Gaga...you're welcome for finding your costume. The rest--locating a sugar daddy to buy it for you, and the best light for taking the photos you'll email me of you wearing it--is up to you.

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