Claw Gloves

Posted: August 30, 2020
Claw Gloves
$72.91 - $81.90
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"Life's a bitch...now so am I!" From the wrist down, anyway, for those looking to channel their inner Catwoman in a pair of Vixy Den's Claw Gloves. Stalking around town as a DC antiheroine is just the tip of the talon when it comes to uses for these vicious vinyl hand sheaths too. Don't forget about cold weather gear and back scratcher!

Oh yes, cosplay and BDSM shenanigans too.

Vixy Den says the Claw Gloves' namesake nails are "no joke" made in your choice of black, silver, gold, or antique brass coated metal, and sewn into strong finger basees ready for some cat and mouse action right meow.

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