Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet

Posted: January 24, 2021
Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet
$850 - $950
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A Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet? Yes, please. Every carbon fiber of my being wants one. Made by Keith Robinson of Carbon Art Co., each Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper - Death Trooper might be more fitting - Helmet is a one-of-a-kind piece, made to order per your custom color requests, and numbered and signed for authenticity. And also perhaps out of the pride Robinson takes in creating the helmets, whose layers are shaped from solid carbon, no fiberglass filler fibers in between the plies.

Buyers can choose helmet lens and tube strip colors when ordering. For an additional fee, Carbon Art Co. will also add a liner so the Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet wears a little more comfortably at Comic-Cons, cosplay conventions, and masked-up trips to the grocery store.

Robinson started Carbon Art Co. after spending years working in the yacht construction industry, molding and finessing carbon fiber into waterfaring wonders for the likes of BMW Oracle Racing, Artemis Racing, American Magic Racing, and Spirit of Canada Ocean Racing. The Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet is the first design in his new endeavor. All I can say is, if you're starting with this sick of a Star Wars gift, where do you go next?

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