Cash Pizza Money-Filled Gift Box

Posted: February 13, 2021
Cash Pizza Money-Filled Gift Box

If you thought you liked doughy pizza before, just wait 'til someone sends you a pepperoni pie made entirely of cash. This pizza is money!

Cheese the Day Gift Cafe makes custom money-filled gift boxes with infinitely more pizza-zz than your standard Visa gift card or envelope stuffed with twenties. The shop starts with a 10" pizza box, and decorates it according to your specified occasion - birthday gift, graduation gift, bachelor / bachelorette gift (where those fresh-baked singles will really come in handy.) They then hand-roll a cash pizza with real, spendable dolla dolla bills, in any amount you like. I guess they'd be up for rolling fives, tens, twenties, or hundos into your pizza too, as long as you've got that kind of money to toss around.

You can further personalize your cash pizza gift box with the name of your gift recipient stickered onto the pizza stool in the center of the pie, and a short message attached to the inside of the lid.

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