The Gen Z Dictionary

Posted: September 29, 2021
The Gen Z Dictionary
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I remember when the old people needed a dictionary to figure out what slang I was speaking, and now, now! The Gen Z Dictionary is here to taunt me with a new reality: what goes around comes around, and I am the "old people" now. I don't even care about Generation Z - not like, not care in a Boomer way wherein I only care about myself, my job I won't retire from, and my real estate holdings. I mean, I don't care that Gen Z is the new, hot generation, and that they all think me and my generation, and my generation's slang, are super lame. I agree. We are kind of lame.

But I don't like feeling old, and I don't like not understanding what people are saying, especially if they're speaking English, and Gen Z happens to be a source of both of those dislikes. So come on over here, Gen Z Dictionary, and 'splain me what my wife's 2nd cousin means when she says, "I'm baby" at 24 years of age. Because my response of, "Then I guess nobody puts you in the corner" did not receive a howl of laughter, or even a smirk and an eye roll like should have, just a blank stare.

You dudes get it though, don't you?

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