The Bartender's Manifesto

Posted: December 18, 2022
The Bartender's Manifesto
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Whoa. Check out The Bartender's Manifesto's Guide to Citrus Garnish Styles section. I am amazed. Not only at the number of citrus garnish styles in existence, but also in how this manual of How to Think, Drink, and Create Cocktails Like a Pro managed to make all of them look 3D in what is presumably a 2D photograph. I mean, Knotted Pigtail with Berry? Citrus Peel Rose? Stunning!

And also seemingly ready to be plucked right off the page!

A dude can only hope the rest of The Bartender's Manifesto is this good!

The Bartender's Manifesto: How to Think, Drink, and Create Cocktails Like a Pro puts in writing the minds and methods of mixologist Toby Maloney and the team from The Violet Hour, a "pioneering cocktail bar" in Chicago. The Violet Hour thrives on both recreating classic cocktail recipes to perfection for those who want them, and creating cocktails on the spot, original, recipe-free drinks based on customer preferences, or their own whims.

The Bartender's Manifesto aims to teach you to do both. Following its methods, anyone should be able to pull out whatever they have in the liquor cabinet, the fridge, and the pantry, and craft next-level cocktails any night of the week. A super handy skill to have when your partner comes home wound up after a super shitty day at work, or your super hot neighbor gets locked out of their house, and is hoping to hang at yours until the locksmith shows up.

Wrap up The Bartender's Manifesto as a Christmas gift to your favorite mixed drink dabbler, and maybe they'll be concocting cocktails as sexy and standout as The Violet Hour's by New Year's Eve.

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