Road Trip Cooking

Posted: June 14, 2021
Road Trip Cooking
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Really? I've scanned the entire table of contents for Road Trip Cooking: The Best Recipes for Your Campfire, Stove or Barbecue, and despite its primary title being Road Trip Cooking there's not a single recipe with roadkill on its ingredient list. I see Chicken Kebabs but no Venison Steak. One-pot Pasta but no One-pot Rabbit Stew. Even frikkin' Tempeh Satay. But no Elk in Peanut Sauce.

I guess dishes called "Catalan Stew" and "Greek Burgers" have some roadkill potential - I can't actually see the recipes themselves - but my hunch is that if you hit a deer, rabbit, elk, or even squirrel on your road trippin' adventures, you're going to have to figure out how to incorporate it into dinner yourself.

Oh well, I guess if you prefer boring baked potatoes and s'mores, and the only slightly more interesting cooking an egg in a paper bag instead, these tips for cookin' it while roughin' it from Arno and Mireille of the Holy Kauw Company in the Netherlands will suit you well.

All Road Trip Cooking recipes require little more than a campfire, or some wood blocks, and a box of matches to prepare.

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