People I Want to Punch in the Face

Posted: March 04, 2012
People I Want to Punch in the Face
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A comprehensive collection of people you want to punch in the face. This is the little black book anyone can fill. In fact, it would probably be a good idea to order a few Rude Books, 'cause you know you're gonna want to go retroactive with your shit list. Kid who pissed on you in preschool. Junior high school shop teacher. Intramural lacrosse coach. College roommate who collected your used Band-Aids and slept under the bunk beds because he wanted to be a vampire. It would take a dozen books just to get me to January 2012, and today alone I could add the snotty bitch on a power trip, the SOB who left snot rockets in the shower at the gym, every other driver trying to merge onto the interstate, and the entire Comcast Corporation.

Rather than brass knuckle stun gunning recipients of your ire, or even good old-fashioned fisting them in the neck, achieve peaceful, ER- and assault-charge free catharsis with a pen, and a handmade black book small enough to slip right into your pocket for instant, anytime access. The Rude Book has a soft, buckrum cover, hot stamped with gold lettering, and 20+ pages of unlined paper for filling with people whose faces are begging for your right hook.

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