How to Become a Federal Criminal

Posted: May 30, 2019
How to Become a Federal Criminal
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Most of us are well versed in the obvious ways to become a federal criminal, but for the more creatively minded out there, How to Become a Federal Criminal will give you some tips on earning the status through some more unconventional and outrageous shenanigans.

Mike Chase, creator of the @CrimeADay Twitter account, has condensed some of his best finds into a compendium of the most bizarre offenses one might commit that would alert the feds to gear up and nail one's ass. Obviously, many of Chase's examples of How to Become a Federal Criminal are historical, and not too relevant in today's world. At least they will be until the wrong people read his book and start "testing the waters" by:

  • Clogging a toilet in a national forest (6 months in federal prison)
  • Wearing a postal uniform when they don't work for the post office (6 months)
  • Writing a letter to a pirate (3 years)

How to Become a Federal Criminal divides its nefarious activities into 8 chapters, including incriminating yourself via the mail, with animals, with food, with booze, and on the high seas. Fun illustrations of how to carry out the crimes are also included for those who don't really like to read.

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