Golden Ratio Coloring Book

Posted: April 28, 2016
Golden Ratio Coloring Book
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1.618. It's mathematical elegance. Nature's magic number for patterns, precision, and beauty. The Golden Ratio. And now, thanks to Venezuelan architect and illustrator Rafael Araujo, it's a coloring book.

Using no more than a pencil, compass, ruler, and protractor, Araujo has spent the last 40 years putting his vision of the golden ratios around him to paper. His illustrations include chambered nautilus shells, butterfly wings, and geometric gridded sequences, and each has taken him up to 100 hours to perfect. All are available to purchase individually as decorative pieces from his website.

The Golden Ratio Coloring Book, seeking funding on Kickstarter just through today, April 28, 2016, is Araujo's response to his fans' requests for prints to color. The book will have a bound soft cover that opens flat and holds 20 black-and-white renditions of the artist's most notable illustrations. Pages will be detachable, with just 1 illustration per page, for clean removal of your own masterpiece post-coloring.

Golden Ratio paper is to be acid-free, thick 270 gsm archival to prevent drawings from yellowing. It is suitable for use with most coloring implements, including pencil, crayon, gel pens, ink, markers, pastels, water colors, and gouache.

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