Aromatherapy for Parrots

Posted: July 28, 2022
Aromatherapy for Parrots
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Aromatherapy for Parrots. Um...what? Is this real life? As if aromatherapy for humans weren't enough of a joke, now we need the ultimate guide to smelling your way to calm and happiness for, for birds? No wait, not even all birds, just parrots.

Because F helping all the stressed out doves, budgies, robins, and sparrows of the world. Not to mention blue jays, starlings, and Canadian geese, which could legit use some healing aromatherapy to make them less angry, vicious assholes. Nay, dudes and feathered friends. This ridiculous application of a ridiculous "alternative medicine" is for parrots only. This is Aromatherapy for Parrots.

The full title of Aromatherapy for Parrots is Aromatherapy for Parrots: Using an ancient healing art with today's companion birds, and its author is Angela Nelson. Speaking of which, you know how they say people and their pets start to look alike? Well, there's a photo of Angela Nelson and her parrot on the back of Aromatherapy for Parrots, and it definitely proves that saying true.

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