A Haunted Road Atlas

Posted: October 08, 2022
A Haunted Road Atlas
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A Haunted Road Atlas: Sinister Stops, Dangerous Destinations, and True Crime Tales comes from And That's Why We Drink podcast hosts, Christine Shiefer and Em Schulz. Take the interactive travel guide with you on road trips and other jaunts around the country to discover their "favorite spooky and sinister sights," and ensure you're never not ready to hightail it back home at the end of your vacation.

A Haunted Road Atlas includes descriptions of and recommended stopovers at hotels, B&Bs, bars, ice cream parlors, and other points of interest known for both hauntings and supernatural sightings, as well real and notorious creepy crimes. Specific beverage suggestions at local watering holes are included too, since you'll surely have an experience or two along your haunted, sinister, dangerous, and true crime way that makes you go, "And this is why we drink."

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