World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

Posted: October 29, 2011
World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
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When the table topic of what five things you would want stranded with you on a deserted island comes up, people always try to be clever, talking about music or mementos or clean water. But who cares if you're hydrated, nostalgic, and groovin' to Juice Newton in a banana leaf loin cloth when you're bored out of your fucking mind? What you really need is something to engage and keep you occupied for the next 30 years, or until you get taken out by a falling coconut.

Enter a 24,000 piece jigsaw puzzle (aptly entitled "Life" so you'll never forget what you're missing). The task of assembly is made slightly less daunting with the divvying of pieces into four separate packets, each containing a vertical sector of the 14' x 5' puzzle that is distinguishable from the others, but ultimately better as part of its cohesive whole. Like The Beatles.

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