Zoids Highend Master Model Kits

Posted: December 16, 2015
Zoids Highend Master Model Kits
$55 - $100
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The one thing I know about Kotobukiya's Zoids is that even if naughty boys and girls receive them as gifts this year, only good--as in skilled and nimble-fingered--boys and girls will get to play with them because these ligers and tigers and Geno Saurers aren't just models, they're Highend Master Models (HMM), and they're motherf'ing hard to put together.

Each HMM Zoid kit contains the makings of an intricately detailed, posable 1/72 scale mecha from the Zoids franchise, including Liger Zero, Great Saber, Command Wolf LC & AC, and Berserk Fuhrer. They are recommended for anyone 15 and up with the patience of...someone way more patient than I am. I won't even spend more than 10 seconds trying to think of a good metaphor.

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