4D Vision Anatomy Models

Posted: March 16, 2014
4D Vision Anatomy Models
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Not so scary when you're splayed across my coffee table in 20 detachable organs and body parts, are you Jaws? Ow! F- OK, fine. Teeth still sharp in 13" long 4D model. Shark still mildly intimidating.

4D Vision has created a host of animal anatomy models for kids and science geeks and people who love T-Rex (i.e., all people on Earth) to gut and rebuild, in hopes that they will learn the basics of the creatures' insides. But what I hope is that I can put shark and crocodile parts inside the T-Rex to create the ultimate fearless land-dwelling ancient killer beast with impenetrable downward jaw power and a digestive system that supports the intake of crabbing nets and tin cans! Though...that still doesn't solve the arm problem....

They got a 4D model of a kangaroo?

In addition to the great white shark, 4D Vision has swell models of, for example, a T-Rex (36 parts) and a crocodile (26 parts). All have removable bones and organs, plus illustrated assembly guides describing the bones and organs being removed, and providing guidance on how to stuff them back in. Each animal also includes a display platform.

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