22K Gold Layered Uncirculated Two Dollar Bill

Posted: August 14, 2021
22K Gold Layered Uncirculated Two Dollar Bill
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This $2 bill is worth its weight in gold! ... Which is still about $2. At least in terms of its legal tender value, despite being layered in 22K gold. Of course, you'll pay many times that for a chance to own the 22K Gold Two Dollar Bill or, more likely, wrap it up as a gift for a kid. I don't care what generation we're on now - Y, Z, Alpha, Lambda - kids never get tired of $2 bills.

This gold-plated twosie is an uncirculated gem of the treasury, part of a "tiny fraction of all $2 bills," themselves a tiny fraction of all American currency. It comes with a presentation wallet to show off and protect its golden accents and Thomas Jefferson's perfect coif.

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