WindshieldWOW! - Clean Both Sides at Once

Posted: July 08, 2020
$45 - $79
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A WindshieldWOW! and its magnetic design that makes it possible to clean both the outside and the inside of your car's windshield at once wouldn't do much for me, as I tend not to clean the outside or inside of any part of my car more than a couple times a year. But based on the lines I see at the car wash, it seems like there's a pretty big potential WindshieldWOW! audience out there.

Further evidence: the WindshieldWOW! crowdfunding campaign reached its $10,000 goal in under 20 minutes. At printing it had over $50,000 in pledges. Not bad for an item going, in its basic form, for $45.

If you've ever tried to clean your windshield, especially the interior, you know it can get awkward to reach and apply pressure, and require bodily contortions that end up tweaking your shoulder, or sending that 10/10 shooting pain into whatever muscle is right behind your left scapula, where it lands and then subsides momentarily before blooming into a giant knot that 8/10 aches and restricts all range of motion for the next 2 days. WindshieldWOW! says no more! Leave the pain and strife to moving furniture and cleaning the gutters. Or, like, bending over or reaching for something in a completely normal manner after you've turned 40.

Like the Magnetic Spot Scrubber and Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner, the WindshieldWOW! uses a combination of cleaning pads and superstrong magnets to do its job. A pair of flexible magnetic paddles grip tight to one another through your windshield glass, and through the microfiber cleaning cloths attached to each of their surfaces. As you stand on the outside of your vehicle moving the exterior WindshieldWOW! paddle, the interior moves along with it. According to WindshieldWOW! the paddles are both strong and bendable enough to follow the contours of your windshield, and bring every square inch of them, corners included, to a streak-free shine.

You can see and read more about the WindshieldWOW! on the company's IndieGoGo campaign page, plus pledge for one of your own through the first week of August 2020.

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