SnowBrum Snow Remover for Cars & Trucks

Posted: October 29, 2020
SnowBrum Snow Remover for Cars & Trucks
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I'm hesitant to get a SnowBrum snow remover because I'd hate to ruin the excitement for the other cars on the road after a snowstorm. You know, the thrill of driving behind someone who scraped their windshields and side windows - the snow and ice-covered parts of their car that affects their own driving safety and experience - but not the roof, hood, or other areas that are still stacked 8" high with last night's accumulation. Then end up creating a whole new, vehicle-generated blizzard for all the other drivers near them! And, for the especially lucky ones, a horizontal avalanche if a bunch of the snow congeals and flies off as a big chunk!

There are various state laws in place about snow removal from vehicles on the road, but not all of them specifically address the ice missiles that can launch from incomplete efforts. Use of brushes like the SnowBrum is simply a gesture of common courtesy and concern for fellow drivers. Do we still have any of that?

The SnowBrum itself isn't so much a brush as a push-broom, but to prevent damage to your car or truck's paint the telescoping tool has a foam rather than a scraper's plastic or rubberized head. The handle extends from 17" to 28", and SnowBrum recommends using pushing rather than pulling motions to most effectively remove snow. And avoid dumping it on top of your own self, Homer. D'oh!

The SnowBrum is suitable for removing snow from small- and medium-sized vehicles, as well as from awnings, and pool and hot tub covers.

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