Nimbus Concept e-Car

Posted: January 12, 2018
Nimbus Concept e-Car

The Nimbus e-Car is still just a concept vehicle from Hemisferio Criativo, but if you're up for a concept road trip this Friday afternoon, hop on in and join me for a ride in this 5-passenger fun bus.

The Nimbus design attempts to nail efficiency, performance, safety, and comfort, both during urban commutes and trips to the grocery store, and during 4-wheeled family vacations across less friendly terrain. It's a tall order. And maybe it explains why the Nimbus looks, as BBC Autos so nicely put it, "halfway between the recently discontinued Volkswagen Kombi and an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile."

As an e-Car, part of the Nimbus' efficiency comes from its hybrid engine, a 180hp electrical build powered by a lithium-ion battery paired with a micro combustion generator that charges it continuously. It has a relatively light build too, with carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum components optimizing its energy consumption. Built-in Nimbus solar panels generate some energy for additional needs, and a regenerative brake mechanism enables it to recover and save kinetic energy.

As a hybrid, Hemisferio Criativo maintains the Nimbus e-Car enjoys a farther driving range and better energy storage capabilities than it would as an all-electric car. Nimbus drivers can select from Energy Saver, Standard Trip, Faster Cruise, and 4WD driving modes to further improve their range and energy consumption.

Safety provisions include protection side bars and 6 airbags, plus a Virtual Safe Position layout, with elevated driving and passenger seats. Panoramic windows, in addition to giving a better view to all riders, also provide increased visibility at night and during bad weather driving.

Inside, the Nimbus has a cache of upper end console features, including a Convex Driver Dashboard and removable 7" touchscreen for controlling the sound system, interior lights, AC, and routes.

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