Orc Dragon Motorcycle Helmet

Posted: November 16, 2013
Orc Dragon Motorcycle Helmet
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NLO Moto, recently of Predator 2 and Dredator 3 motorcycle helmet fame, has popped out a third mythical beast to add to its alien headwear menagerie. While the Orc Dragon deviates from using a Schwarzenegger nemesis as its aesthetic foundation, I think we can all agree that NLO Moto's latest brain(protecting)child looks just as comically horrific. Maybe even more so. Maybe even venturing a little too far into farce territory. I don't know--check out the guy in the stylized white version and you tell me. Would you wear it?

The Orc Dragon shell contains an HJC motorcycle helmet within, granting it DOT and European riding certification. It is made with Sandwich Composite technology that preserves the original helmet's mold and exterior form, as well as maintains a regular helmet's visibility index. Additional features include multipoint adjustable ventilation and an anti-fog visor.

As additional images suggest, NLO Moto can produce an Orc Dragon in any color and a few different design schemes, all selectable at checkout.

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