Nu'Clear Bulletproof Glass Concept Motorcycle

Posted: February 06, 2023
Nu'Clear Bulletproof Glass Concept Motorcycle

Nu'Clear. I hope Mikhail Smolyanov has copyrighted that name for his most excellent concept motorcycle encased in bulletproof glass. Because if not, someone is definitely going to steal it. Maybe even me.

Smolyanov designed the "atom punk" Nu'Clear for the Leo Brutal Motorcycle workshop. In addition to the bulletproof glass body covering its metal chassis, a few other elements are also covered in transparent glass to enhance the bike's visuals. These include valve covers, wheel hubs, and the ethanol-filled fuel tank, the latter of which also has blue LED backlighting, reminiscent of Cherenkov radiation.

The Nu'Clear Motorcycle swaps out a gearbox for a hydraulic torque transmission system, and can be fitted with a boxer engine or electric motor unit.

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