Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle

Posted: July 25, 2013
Dodge Tomahawk

Technically, Dodge debuted its Tomahawk, a motorcycle with 4 wheels, a Dodge Viper engine, and top speed capabilities of 420 mph, a decade ago at the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Really though, with its concept-only status, denial of street legal classification, and inability (or unwillingness) to demonstrate speeds above 100 mph, it's more like they debuted it in their dreams. And now, for the bargain price of half a million dollars, you and I can have one of these unofficial dream machines--seemingly one of only 9 produced--for our own! Note, however, that Dodge would like us to designate the Tomahawks "rolling sculptures" and promise not to ride them.

OK, sure thing. Except...

Yeah. Fucking. Right.

If my friend Cornelius and I got our hands on a 4-wheeled motorcycle with a 500 hp, 8.3-litre, V10 SRT10 engine, I don't care if there was a 72% chance it would spontaneously combust or mutate us into giant perambulating replicas of Madonna's crotch, there's no way on this deteriorating, polluted, globally warmed green earth that we wouldn't head straight to the desert, hop on, and STIR SOME SHIT UP.

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