Confederate P51 Combat Fighter

Posted: August 20, 2015
Confederate P51 Combat Fighter
$113,900 - $119,500
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Confederate has been releasing Combat motorcycles regularly since 1999; just during my short tenure in these parts we've seen the formidable X132 Hellcat Combat and its follow-up, the equally vicious X132 Hellcat Speedster. But when it comes to the P51 Combat Fighter, even Confederate, the parents who should love all their kids equally, succumbs to picking favorites. They call this bike--a 200-horsepower beast, a second gen Combat Fighter built entirely of 6061 aerospace billet aluminum, a stunning mass of raw power for the anti-hero--their magnum opus.

The P51 Combat Fighter is built on Confederate's new CX4 architecture. It's a lighter, tougher upgrade of their patented, drag-racing-derived powertrain and powertrain mounting system. Original P51 designer Jon Kasse took on the P51 Combat Fighter's new head design and induction system, helping to produce a bike capable of something Confederate has long sought: 200 big-block, air-cooled, push-rod, V-twin horsepower.

Additional first-time features include a chassis that incorporates a structural intake box tied directly to the bike's CNC billet aluminum structural downdraft intake manifold. And the fuel tank is structural too, with billet blocks machined and welded to connect the P51 induction system to a swing arm pivot machined into unitized billet engine cases.

Confederate will produce a total of 61 P51 Combat Fighters, 31 "blonde" with raw machined billet, and 30 "black" with raw machined billet anodized black.

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