Bandit9 EVE Odyssey Motorcycle

Posted: March 07, 2023
Bandit9 EVE Odyssey Motorcycle
$15,500 - $19,500
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Bandit9 has lured us with EVEs and taken us on Odysseys in the past, so I guess they figured they'd combine the temptation with the journey, and produce a motorcycle no rider - or at least no collector - can refuse. The EVE Odyssey Motorcycle is a forthcoming limited release expanding upon Bandit9's EVE concept. The bike's standout feature is its streamlined unibody, made using the same space-grade aluminum as NASA, that fully encloses its lighting system, steering, gas tank, and seat. And while its 125cc Honda engine can't propel the EVE Odyssey into space, it can push it to freeway speeds of 65MPH.

More importantly, Bandit9 notes the EVE Odyssey has an incredible range of 156 miles per gallon, "enough to reach the edge of space and back." The company also plans to make an electric version of the back following this release later in 2023.

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