Michael Myers Sunshade

Posted: September 10, 2022
Michael Myers Sunshade
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Dark days are ahead for anyone who uses this Michael Myers Sunshade. Haha, get it? A little slasher humor to brighten your day, 'eh Dad? I mean, I'm just assuming it's Dad reading this, Dad who's interested in: 1) decorating his car for Halloween; 2) a circa 1978 Michael Myers driving, because guys, how did Michael even learn to drive in the first place?!; and 3) a collapsible sunshade for his windshield that will probably take longer to put up than it will take him to run into the bank, and possibly attend the kids' whole soccer game, anyway.

Oh, but in answer to the conundrum of #2, here's some fantastic footage of Michael in Driver's Ed.

The Michael Myers Sunshade measures 64" x 32", suitable for most cars, trucks, and vans. It folds down into a flat disc, and stores in an included zippered case. A great gift for Halloween! ... Especially for you, Dad.

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