Maxsa Park Right Laser Parking Guide

Posted: October 03, 2021
Maxsa Park Right Laser Parking Guide
$21.99 - $31.70
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Some cars pretty much park themselves these days. Some cars have so many cameras and beeping alerts when you get too close to the sides or back of your garage that they pretty much have the equivalent of a Maxsa Park Right built into them. And other cars are pretty much my car. Its technology taps out at power windows and a CD player (both still functional!)

And while I live in a condo with a common parking garage, and don't actually have too much trouble getting my car in and out of my assigned spot, I did stay at an Airbnb over the summer with one of the tight garages Maxsa designed its laser parking guide to benefit, and my wife and I had to park in it, and let's just say there's 15 minutes of our lives we'll never get back.

I'll admit, the Park Right Laser looks like one of those gadgety gifts you'd give to your dad in the 80s or 90s. But I'll also admit, that's why I like it. You can get the parking guides with one or two lasers, for one- and two-car garages, and they operate with motion sensors that turn on the red LED beams as you approach from up to 10' away.

You can adjust the lasers to shine exactly where you want to align your car so you Park Right every time.

I think more public parking lots, particularly those at grocery stores and the Home Depot should figure out how to install Maxsa Park Rights on all of their spots. With an added feature that if you still park like a jerk, the laser parking guide you ignored will turn on you and zap you in the ass.

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