LED Road Flare Discs

Posted: March 23, 2018
LED Road Flare Discs

This 3-pack of LED road flare discs comes preloaded with AAA batteries, ready to make them glow or flash in 9 different modes depending on your needs. SOS. Warning. Flashlight to find your dropped tub of ketchup (shoulda gotten a Saucemoto). Dance floor lighting for the parking lot party.

The disc flares are small and relatively flat, and come with a fitted storage bag for easy stashing in your trunk when you're not having an auto or fast food emergency. Their makers say flare construction is shatterproof, crushproof, and waterproof for those times you drop, run over, and use them in a snow storm.

When turned on, the flare LEDs should give you up to a mile of visibility, obviously dependent on what's around you and weather conditions. You can also take them along camping or hiking for use in similar emergency situations, or just to light up your tent and campsite at night.

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