LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera

Posted: August 19, 2019
LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera
$499 - $599
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LANMODO's isn't your mama's - or rather, your average paranoid driver's - dash cam. Rather than recording your commutes and road trips to protect you from blame for an accident, the LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera expands your view of the road at night and during bad weather to protect you from having an accident. As a fun and festive Saturday night activity this past weekend, I myself went for a LANMODO joyride. I have 3 words to report about this night vision camera: dude, it works.

The LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera projects a 1080P, full-color image of the view up to 984' in front of you onto its 8.2" HD screen. (On the highway, I was checking it out more in the 200' - 300' range, but it still smoked my headlights.) This increase in night vision, or rain / snow / fog vision, is obviously intended to increase safety and comfort when driving in conditions that aren't ideal. The camera's extended view is particularly helpful when roads are in bad shape or under construction, when you're driving routes prone to vehicle-animal collisions, and when the driver has myopia or another type of compromised vision.

Unlike built-in night vision camera systems, the LANMODO model is (relatively) affordable, plus portable. You can either set it up on your dashboard or mount it to your windshield, with both installation processes taking just a couple of minutes. The camera plugs into a cigarette lighter for power, and so can be used in any type of car, van, SUV, or truck that has a lighter. If you have an external power supply, you can also tote the camera along for better vision during other nighttime activities.

LANMODO sells their Car Night Vision Cameras in 2 models: without and with a rear camera. The latter, called the LANMODO Vast, may be more appealing to truck drivers regularly on the road at night, who also want to monitor their tail.

Note that for the LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera system's near infrared imaging to work, there needs to be at least a little bit of natural light present. Even the moon and stars will do.

Dude readers interested in checking out a LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera for themselves, can get 2 types of discounts for ordering: to purchase from Amazon, follow the link above and enter the coupon code 10SFR7NU for 10% off at checkout. For a $50 discount, you can purchase the night vision camera directly from the LANMODO website, which also offers free shipping worldwide. Enter the code LMDNVS_DI at checkout.

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