Land Rover BackPacker Concept Travel Vehicle

Posted: July 31, 2019
Land Rover BackPacker Concept Travel Vehicle

The SHERP ATV may flaunt 'roided out rolling and hauling, but the Land Rover BackPacker brings the equally enticing wee and minimalist to backroad and off-road travel. A travel vehicle concept developed by German transportation designer Edwin Senger, the Land Rover BackPacker "is inspired by the necessity of reduction in today's consumerist world."

Senger's 4x4 features a retractable top tent canopy to allow both for an open, interactive experience with your surroundings, and a protected place to sleep and hang out in the wild. The BackPacker interior also modifies to accommodate driving / sitting and sleeping, with sliding, fold-flat seats.

No backpack is complete without its gear, so the Land Rover BackPacker would come with custom-fit storage, water, cooking, refrigeration, and toilet modules, which travelers could install and swap as needed.

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