Kammok Crosswing Fast-Deploy Car Awning

Posted: June 06, 2022
Kammok Crosswing Fast-Deploy Car Awning
$599 - $749
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That Kammok's Crosswing car awning takes just 3 seconds to deploy isn't even its most impressive attribute I don't think. For me, it's seeing the sunshade fully extended and ready to block UV rays without a single support on any of its other 3 sides. The Crosswing just pulls out and chills there, suspended in mid-air like some kind of magic carpet waiting for Steppenwolf's chorus.

Kammok developed the Crosswing in an effort to make car awnings and canopies faster and easier to set up, thereby increasing the chances you'll use them more than once after making the purchase. The Crosswing comes in 5' and 7' widths, and affixes to a variety of roof rack systems using Talon Mounts. Once installed, the fast-deploy nature of the awning allows you to simply pull it open - at 3', 4.9', or 6.5' length increments - to create instant shade.

In addition to the near-total elimination of manual labor in awning setup, Kammok points out the Crosswing's fast-deploy nature makes it easy to use for just a few minutes, while unloading groceries, or waiting for your slow-ass friend Cornelius to to emerge from his house, or for several hours, while camping or watching your kid's baseball game.

To eliminate legs, lines, and poles, the Crosswing uses an X-frame that makes it a self-supporting structure, even when fully extended. It further contributes to the awning's setup simplicity, plus increases the possibilities for use - no poles to knock over, and no need to find a specific type of terrain, or a level surface to plant them on.

If you're interested in deploying a Crosswing car awning in 3 seconds yourself, head over to Kammok's Kickstarter campaign, and pledge for one of the canopies through June 30, 2022.

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